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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Grown Up Conversation...

WOW!  SO I just came across this "draft" entry from TWO YEARS ago that I never sent out to you all to read.  I re-read it & it brought me RIGHT back to the moment when I had this discussion with my daughter.  It brought tears to my eyes remembering her hurt & horrified reaction. It was such an impactful event in my life, I retell this story to friends & family every so often. Seeing her face, hearing her words of horror at the concept of abortion is how EVERY human should react at the concept yet we have all become so desensitized by it that when we discuss it, even myself, it is not a topic that repulses me enough to respond appropriately. I obviously did not finish this entry but there is enough here to get the gist of it...read on & learn from an average 7 year old (as I do everyday...)

 So my seven year old is a typical kid (I think.) Currently, she is very inquisitive & wants to know everything about everything.  I find it hard at times to determine where the "line" is when it comes to sharing with her about alot of the "tough" topics in life.  Up until now, when she has asked me "What do you do at your 'meetings' Mommy?" (in regard to my monthly Pro-Life meeting I prepare & run), I have usually answered by saying "Mommy loves babies very much & wants to try very hard to keep them safe.  My meetings discuss the best way to try to make that happen."
This answer was good up until this year...this year, there were all the follow up questions like "But Mommy, doesn't EVERYONE love babies?  Who wouldn't want to keep babies safe??"  Then when I attended the March for Life this year in D.C. the questions didn't stop.  "I don't understand...so you want the law to change?  Why?  What is wrong with this law you don't like?"
So I decided it was time I do some explaining.  So I made the call to be honest without being brutal.  I said "Well, there are many people who do not believe that the baby growing inside a Mother is actually just a small human.  They believe it is something else something before it becomes human I guess. They do not believe that the life growing inside a Mommy was created by God nor does he or she have a soul.  So some Mother's actually have the baby removed from their belly (or womb) by a doctors before it is ready to be born.  Sadly, this is called an abortion." It was as if I could actually see the electrical explosion of synapses in my childs brain.  Her mouth hung open, she shook her head incredulously "W-A-I-T!!" she yelled.  "So what happens to the baby after it is taken out the Mommy's belly?"  I quickly tried to think of the best way to describe it & there was no other way other than to just say it.."Honey, these babies die.  They are not big enough yet to live outside a Mommy's womb just like if you opened a cacoon before the caterpillar was finished his transformation into a butterfly, it could not survive." her eyes filled up "Who could EVER do that?  It's a BABY??!!  It's a gift from GOD!" She yelled.  "I know, I know...this is why Mommy takes her voluteer work so seriously. This is a very serious, important, topic that I wish I never even had to share with you. Some people have forgotten about God or have decided that when it comes to this topic, God is not a part of this issue."  She exclaimed "WHAT?  How could you!!  Doesn't everyone believe that God made us?"            

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